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Undertanding engagements among 'Advanced Warfighters' using Beyond War 'Power Armour' and ordinary exo-armor (protection put on ordinary soldiers) and conventional armor, requires understanding the scale of engagement, automation and battlefield logistic mangaement systems afforded a mobile command and control node like the Sanguine weapons system.

While tactics prior intercontinental ballistic missile and air cavalry maneuver required substantial force protection, these strategies and the ensuing ability to insert into and strike any position in the battlespace are not exempliary in airborn heavy armor or other mass troop movements. Nor is containment of forces possible when your advesary literally can assume any shape or animal and move in and out of the atmosphere or through solid rock and magma as easily as flying a direct line over your airspace.

Battle in this environment requires threat identification before it mobilizes, first-strike stretegic and area effect weapons, and force protection consistent with insurgent tactics to avoid mass and presentation prior themed strengths of terrestrial warfare.

Weapons including small guided nuclear and high-yield missiles, mobile recon units capable of dispersing on contact to escape superior mobility and firepower of smaller forces, and signal discipline beyond the highest level of SIGINT command theory - from narrow beam optical communications to relay emmitter and parallax projection of fire observation with automated aim-point and fire-control indirect capability offer only slight protection against the force of even a single Power Armour enabled warfighter.

Advantages appear only in superior signal dissipation, concealment, and ability to track and counter strong-signal active measures, paired with supply line lifecycles that can operate with minimal disruption and dynamic delivery. An enemy cannot be everywhere at once, even if highly effective, and this sole capacity paired with overwhelming firepower and superior recon and covert first-contact is the sole avenue of a short-term defense against flight-capable high energy forces.

Once ground combat solidifies the ability of the Sanguine technology to expand automated factories, supplies, and munitions in addition to troops and equipment simply overwhelm the manpower and industry of other population systems based on biological human labor. Mass biological troops, non-human forces, and genetic and lethal biological weapons against which ordinary armed forces not in sealed environmental equipment pose no meaningful resistance do not hope to sustain conflict with such an industry mobilized.

Sanguine are, therefore, one of the most powerful and independent warfighting machines ever devised or deployed - so much so that they will not come to rest for political peace.

As such, the technology was deployed to create purely automated mechanical and organic warfighters who could perform the duty with precision and follow directives without question. These systems, known now as the Tyec and Genosect, are literally machine-like constructs made to systematically hunt and kill Sanguine and all derived forces created by their systems.

The relentless nature of these war machines restore a limited sense of mobile armor and organized mass troop action against forces armed with biological, radiological, and high-energy weapons; as they do not become deterred or demoralized on contact with the enemy or due to horrendous losses and brutality of enemy forces. Command and control elements remain vulnerable, but are lower priority targets than the technology officers who created and direct the automated armies. Sanguine ability to employ better signal warfare technology reliant on non-linear human attributes and introduction of human error, continue to out-perform and out-maneuver lineary physical and organic computer strategy - including disruption of limited staff and facilities to service these very large manually automated systems, targeting Kai'Gi command systems like the Rhocropoli and towers. Because the Kai'gi do not internalize the weapon systems, these policies make the takeover of Tyec and Genosect forces and very large organic procesing facilities for troops in other classes for occupation and resource management vulnerable to takeover or disablement.

As a result, billions of fully armed Tyec and Genosect colony soldiers sit idle, protecting defined spaces for no other reason than the 'parking' order sent to them by Sanguine forces infiltrating their CNC positions and network; disabling vast armies that posed a threat to Sangine holdings and worlds populated by the Sanguine and people under their control.

Because the Sanguine can instal their armor in any person they choose, and the Kai'Gi do not share this belief or technology with those outside their own collective populations easily, the Sanguine ability to simply out-populate the Kai'Gi and wear them down in attrition made the resort to a new kind of QSR capable of advanced and broad scope of operations; culminating after the 12th Species as a new 'artificial' species. Observing the damage to reality growing in the repeated use of QSR technology, and rise of the shadow armies known as the Ethran from worlds destroyed by QSR fire, the effort to install a new QSR technology in the arms race preceeded closely the large ship-to-ship battles then ongoing between the races able to harness high energy.

The Cataclysm was the result. The linear account of time around that event is distorted, even in the best Sanguine records, as if huge portions of reality were destroyed. Up to 80% of matter by mass appears to be missing after the event. By survey, the Kai'Gi lost the war. Although all populations appear to be nearly equaly affected excluding some human and Minat 'pockets'.


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