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The Sanguine can manufacture and deploy biological and chemical weapons, render themselves immunie to such pathogens and damage almost immediately, and move through solid matter and in multiple directions as two-dimensional projections on ordinary three-dimensional space, as well as execute high energy near-relativistic speeds and stop without inertia or ordinary friction with debris and matter that would destroy conventional bodies.

This concept of 'internal' powered armour - and ability to create structure and construct limited only by imagination the body and its extensions, as well as project high energy weapons fire on par with planetary defense emplacements and anti-planetary weapons capable of disrupting very large stellar bodies on par with stars and ordinary black holes.

As armor, this weapon system makes obsolete all ordinary armored warfare, and is designated due to its capabilities as an older and more established device than all conventional technology by the old-English spelling 'Armour'.

Like any advanced technology, the system has specific parameters and limitations, including means by which it can be defeated using the same power systems and weapons which are incorporated into the system. More frightening is its ability to 'self-automate', meaning that it can create subordinate independent operating machines to mine resources, gather fuel and refine material, and this is all facilitated by an on-board co-processor system that requires no training of the operator to utilize.

This replaces the ordinary 'industry' that a human population or civiliation would otherwise require to wage war, build cities, establish and construct fortifications and planetary defenses, create orbital and deep space warships and fleets of such warships, and even manufacture mechanical and organic warfighters and factories capable of producing such soldiers in the billions.


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