By now you have had a background in BEYOND WAR. If not, click for more details.

The important thing to remeber about BEYOND WAR is that it is not a 'real time strategy (RTS) wargame'. It is a dark space-opera exploration and horror game, centered on strong fiction and character concepts.

The bones of this setting are made upon a space-war capital-ship three dimensional spatial environment written by a submarine tactics and air-war specialist, themed on signal intelligence (SIGINT). Elements unfamiliar to most players will be rudimentary concepts like IFF (Identity Friend or Foe) invery fast paced encounters at distance, in poor signal conditions, in mixed combat; and with real-time search and rescue elements during live combat maneuvers.

Add to this the first-person elements of exploration and character development, manufacturing, and crafting in an economy that is - like our modern 2020 era - still stuck in the service and labor market while technology has progressed to the automation and efficiency of a flat public price market.

In other words, there are not wholesale versus tradesman channels nor resource availability to anyone other than the most capitalized party or automated warfighter in the region, and deprivation of means to manufacture by false monopoly enforced by class precludes a genuine open market, transport, and any semblance of commodity or buying and selling which socialists are so quick to hold up as a hallmark of a 'civil' and 'progressive' modern world.

Instad, there is over-abundance, idle industry, a lack of demand, huge peril in transport, theft in manufacturing similar to piracy in the 1400s to 1700s, and military contest for any number of things from food to suppression of technology that may grow to become a threat or unwanted party at the small table of parties still in possession of Sanguine-like technology and power systems.


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