By now you have had a background in BEYOND WAR. If not, click for more details.

For fans of Heinlein and other authors, Beyond War brings to ground war and advanced warfighter design the concept of personal body armor extended to the maximum degree of transhumanism. The Sanguine are a people characterized by their universal nature of having recieved from another Sanguine or precursor species an internal version of personal armor and weapon system that changes the identity of the species and fundamentally transforms the individual.

This system creates a new form of data processing and sampling that challenges the human experience. It allows fighters to read the entire memory and witness of a person they come in physical contact with directly, including emotions and thoughts, on drawing blood or skin contact. This information is then stored and indexed with perfect accuraccy, and stored in a growing 'pocket' dimension direclty linked to the body of the soldier, where the entire mental and physical body of the soldier is subsumed into this space outside of convention matter.

The body is then altered to incorporate high energy power plants and material to support the projection of gravity and force that operates round the 'corner' of this 'pocket apeture' to produce wave form manipulation, altering the matter and energy arond the body at will. This creates light, cancels light and other radiation to create darkness and silence across all spectrums including sound, and rapidly supplying and fabricating matter to recreate the body from storehouses of material kept in the 'pocket'. This system allows the Sanguine Fighter to suddenly scale his mass, volume, and shape in addition to altering DNA and other sub-atomic structures in his own body and that of others - heal wounds and rebuild the body despite catostrophic damage, and use these abilities on other warfighters and enemy combatants.


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