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Any question as to what would relieve the therat of QSR enabled power armour, known as the Sanguine, appear resolved by a mass extinction of 80% of the population of the Universe in the near-term.

Vessels still exist adrift whose crews were apparently ripped from their meals and showers, beds, and duty stations - without a trace. Entire worlds lay empty, as if all life were simply nullified on those planets. Not even bodies of their pets remain. Something far more terrifying than a single high-energy event occurred, which seems to have no epicenter or cause known beyond the legends and stories which are writen in the Sanguine archives of "The Prayer of Blood".

Even in this, nothing is said of the time which occurred, and the entries stop - just before the Fall.

Explorer vessels begin to rediscover this technology, and the survivors, looking for witnesses and records of the cause of the Cataclysm and the solution to the Sanguine threat. While the Cataclysm did destroy Sanguine and human worlds alike, the Sanguine appear reluctant to return to the war, afraid even, as if something had been said that all understand yet none can physicaly speak of - even to each other.

This side effect of the quantum technology that coordinates their memory and operates the vast task management of their automated weapon systems, seem to have a fundamental element of fear embedded into its core from which even the soldiers who can walk on the face of the Sun cannot confront. To grasp at it or consider it, overwhelming feelings of illness and remorse, sorrow, and open weeping - compel them not to talk about it, nor can they describe the details of the events.

"It is as if the Universe went mad, for a moment," said one; and.... in a strange voice not his own then said, "She died."


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